Liberal Democrats raise concerns about affordable Conservative government plans

Last week the Chancellor announced that the government will allow developers to build on brownfield land without planning permission.

This is the latest in a series of attacks on local communities and fails to address the real problems, Liberal Democrats in Local Government have said.

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Opposition Lib Dem councillors are calling for more openness over controversial plans for a new cruise ship terminal in the city - which could be sited just yards from people's homes.

The Council's cabinet met this morning and agreed to press ahead with plans for a cruise ship terminal. One of the two potential sites is off the Victoria Dock housing area.

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Campaign for Votes at 16

Sometime before the end of 2017 there will be a referendum to decide whether or not the UK stays in the EU.

Regardless of where you sit in the debate, it's obvious that the referendum will affect the futures of 16 and 17 year-olds, so what better time to reduce the voting age to 16?

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Lib Dems call for Hull City Council to sign up to the Living Wage

At a meeting of Council next week Lib Dem councillors will call for the Council to sign up to the Living Wage.

The Living Wage, which is not the same a Minimum Wage, was set up over a decade ago to ensure that workers are paid enough to live on. Outside of London the Living Wage is currently set at £7.85.

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have been calling for the Council to adopt the Living Wage for some time.

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Lib Dems announce Mike Ross as new Group Leader

Councillor Mike Ross has been announced as the new Leader of Hull City Council’s Lib Dem Group.  Mike, who was previously Deputy Leader, replaces Councillor Abigail Bell. 

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Hull & Hessle Lib Dems Statement on Hull West & Hessle election

Abigail Bell, Lib Dem group leader on Hull City Council, said:-

"The news of a last-minute change of Conservative candidate confirms what we already know – that the Conservatives are really out of the race in Hull West and Hessle. Any chance they had of improving their 2010 performance will no doubt have gone now.

“The facts speak for themselves. Of the 20 Hull and East Riding councillors in Hull West & Hessle, 10 are Labour and 9 are Lib Dems - there are no Conservative or UKIP local councillors anywhere in Hull West and Hessle constituency. Even last year, when the local elections were on the same day as the European Elections, UKIP were third and the Conservatives a distant 4th place across the constituency. If anyone can take on and beat Labour in this constituency – it’s the Lib Dems.

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Lib Dem councillors support lowering the voting age

Today Lib Dem councillors supported the lowering of the voting age to 16.

The issue was debated at a meeting of councillors after a request from the Hull Youth Parliament.

A proposals to lower the national voting age received unanimous support from councillors present.

Councillor Claire Thomas said: “It was great to see the Hull Youth Parliament organising a debate on the lowering of the national voting age.

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Labour councillors gag debate on fluoridation

Opposition councillors were today gagged by Hull’s Labour administration and prevented from discussing fluoridation of Hull’s water supply.

Opposition councillors had called for a debate after proposals to fluoridate the water supply were put forward last month.

It is expected that the proposals will go to a meeting of Hull’s Health and Well-being Board later this month.

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Opposition councillors slam Hull’s Labour administration

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are set to slam the Labour administration over its handling of the Council’s finances.

In a rare censure motion they will condemn Labour councillors for cutting jobs and frontline services – despite promising they wouldn’t before coming to power.

They will highlight the increased costs for Hull’s residents, with hikes in Council Tax, rents and fees for certain services from next month.

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Opposition calls for a halt to £200k consultant spend

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have hit out at Labour proposals to spend £200,000 on consultants.

At Thursday’s Full Council meeting they will call for a feasibility study into a new swimming pool and ice arena to be scrapped.

Labour councillors are proposing that the study go ahead despite there being no funding in place for the construction of a swimming pool and ice arena.

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