Protect the Westbourne NHS Centre

Avenue Ward Liberal Democrats have vowed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with local residents to protect vital local services at the Westbourne NHS Centre.


News emerged this week of a city-wide review of NHS assets which includes a review of the Westbourne NHS Centre, located in the heart of the local Avenues community.

Local Liberal Democrats – Councillor John Robinson, Abi Bell and Elspeth McCobb – are leading the campaign to protect local NHS services in the area.

 "Make no mistake – we want to keep NHS services at the Westbourne Centre and we will fight to protect them" said Cllr John Robinson. "The Centre has been there for all three of us and our families when we’ve needed it. We will fight to protect it."

 Abi, Elspeth and John have launched a petition calling for services at the centre to be protected, and for a full, open and transparent consultation process for any proposed changes. You can sign at:

 Westbourne Avenue resident Abi Bell said:

 "We have written to the Clinical Commissioning Group to call for all information about this review to be made public immediately. There must not be a period where residents aren’t kept informed."

 Park Avenue resident Elspeth McCobb said:

"We want a commitment from NHS bosses that local residents’ views will be taken into consideration in any review of services. Any consultation process must be open and transparent. There should be no decision made behind closed doors about the future of our local NHS Centre."

Elspeth added:

"Having seen at first-hand the excellent service my husband received from the Westbourne NHS Centre in an emergency, I know just how important this service is for local residents. When the NHS consultation begins, local residents must make their voices are heard and join the fight to protect this vital service."

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