Councillor steps up pressure for action to tackle supported accommodation crisis

Hull’s Liberal Democrat group leader, Cllr Mike Ross has written to Labour’s Housing portfolio holder, calling for more action to address serious concerns in the standards of ‘supported accommodation’ in the city. This follows the news that over half of the homes for vulnerable Hull residents 'seriously' fail to meet living standards.

In the letter, Cllr Ross said that the fact so many homes had failed the Council’s checks of privately rented homes for vulnerable people was "unacceptable." He went further to add “Poor quality accommodation standards are something no person should have to endure, let alone some of the most vulnerable residents in Hull."

Lib Dems in Hull have long been raising questions surrounding serious concerns about the standard of housing in the local private rental sector - the evidence adds up.

Cllr Mike Ross, Leader of Hull City Council’s Lib Dem Group, expressed concerns: 

"We often get reports from residents, some of which are vulnerable, in Hull that they are living in abysmal conditions. My colleagues and I have raised this issue numerous times in Hull, now finally we have the evidence and numbers to support our long-held concerns. While the council have taken some steps in recent years, we believe much more can and should be done.

"I have written to Councillor Black, calling for action to enforce and push for higher housing standards across the entirety of the city, including in the private rented housing sector too."

"Residents across the city, particularly the most vulnerable affected by this council deserve better and we are demanding better for them."


Letter written to Councillor John Black Portfolio Holder for Housing:

Date:          3 July 2020

Dear John,
I am writing to raise with you a concern that the Liberal Democrat group have raised in the past, namely the conditions faced by many tenants in the private rented sector in Hull.
I am sure you will be aware that in the Supported Accommodation Review Team’s recent inspections, it identified that 60% of the supported accommodation randomly inspected was found to fall short of the ‘decent homes standard’. I am sure you will agree with me that this is unacceptable and something must change.
Tenants living in this type of accommodation make up some of Hull’s most vulnerable residents, they need appropriate care and support. Poor quality accommodation standards are something no person should have to endure, let alone some of the most vulnerable residents in Hull.
It is a real concern for me and my colleagues that a lot of the privately rented sector accommodation in Hull is not fit for purpose.
While the supported accommodation sector is subject to inspections, there is a great concern from the Lib Dem Group about the accommodation standards of the rest of the private rented sector that is not subject to the same inspection regime.
I would be keen to hear from you what actions the council will take to address this matter, such as greater enforcement to ensure that rogue landlords are challenged when the accommodation they provide does not meet the ‘decent homes standard’.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,



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