60% of Supported Housing in Hull failed the Councils decent home standard test in "housing scandal"

By Admin Lib Dems, Jul 08, 2020 11:07

It has been revealed that Hull City Council’s Supported Housing Review Team has found that 60% of the homes fail the ‘decent homes standard' in their first test which has been called a "housing scandal" the Councils opposition Liberal Democrat Group. 

Across Hull, it was revealed from the Councils first 60 houses inspected at random 60% failed the test pointing to a potential crisis in the quality and the management of the supported housing that homes hundreds of vulnerable people across the city. 

The Leader of the local Lib Dems councillor Mike Ross warned that "this could be the tip of the iceberg in the crisis in our private rented sector" and has called for explanation and action. 

Cllr Mike Ross, Leader of Hull City Council’s Lib Dem Group, expressed concerns: 

“Labour bosses need to understand that if they don't act quickly they are going to face the full force of a housing scandal across our city, they are letting down the most vulnerable.

"Supported Housing homes some of our most vulnerable residents, some of which have complex mental health needs – they are already in need of support and should not be subjected to abysmal home standards, the Council should apologise to those affected.

“We are so often told by residents we represent that those living in the supported accommodation are not getting cared for properly and when residents report the related anti-social behaviour, nothing gets done."

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