Support with home insurance around flooding

Lib Dem councillors in Hull want people to be aware of the support the can receive with flood insurance.

Many people have issues with getting flood insurance as a result of past flooding.

However, both the Environment Agency and the Council's Flood Risk team can provide letters to support your case for lower insurance premiums.

These letters inform the insurance company of the actual flood risk to your property and the on-going works in and around Hull to mitigate flood risk. 

Councillor Adam Williams said: “Over the years a number of people have been in touch with us about problems with home insurance, as a result of past flooding.

“We wanted to make you aware, if you've had issues like this, what support is available to help. 

“People who are struggling to get insurance after flooding should contact the Environment Agency and the Council.”

The Council's Flood Risk Team can be contacted at: [email protected].

The Environment Agency can be contact at: [email protected].

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