Stroud Crescent comes together to solve ASB

By Admin Lib Dems, Oct 09, 2020 4:10

Lib Dem Councillors have worked with their community in Stroud Crescent to tackle and solve a recent bout of ASB.

The ASB started on Stroud Crescent when contractors came in to carry out cladding works to increase the energy efficiency of the housing blocks there.

Police suspected some young people were responsible for climbing up onto scaffolding, despite the contractor's efforts to secure their site.

The Police had a very good first night patrolling and a number of young people were spoken with on Monday night.

Lib Dem Councillor Chris Randall, for West Carr Ward reported:

"The works being carried out themselves are really welcome by residents in the community, as they will save money on their energy bills after the works are completed - it was a shame that the good news attracted anti-social behaviour.

"We have worked together with the community, the anti-social behaviour team, police and contractors to get on top of the recent spat of anti-social behaviour on the worksite.

"Residents have helped with good reporting, as we ensured they had a letter from the anti-social behaviour team about how to report the anti-social behaviour.

"We have secured the funding from the council to put on additional police patrols and it seems to have helped put a stop to the anti-social behaviour."

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