Hull & Hessle Lib Dems Statement on Hull West & Hessle election

Abigail Bell, Lib Dem group leader on Hull City Council, said:-

"The news of a last-minute change of Conservative candidate confirms what we already know – that the Conservatives are really out of the race in Hull West and Hessle. Any chance they had of improving their 2010 performance will no doubt have gone now.

“The facts speak for themselves. Of the 20 Hull and East Riding councillors in Hull West & Hessle, 10 are Labour and 9 are Lib Dems - there are no Conservative or UKIP local councillors anywhere in Hull West and Hessle constituency. Even last year, when the local elections were on the same day as the European Elections, UKIP were third and the Conservatives a distant 4th place across the constituency. If anyone can take on and beat Labour in this constituency – it’s the Lib Dems.

Claire Thomas, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Hull West & Hessle, said:-

“On the doorsteps, even lifelong Conservative supporters know that they don’t have a chance of beating Labour in Hull West & Hessle. Many of them are telling me in private that they’ll be backing the Lib Dems, who have a much better chance of beating Labour in West Hull and Hessle.

“They know that a Labour majority Government will borrow too much money, and mess up the economy. They also know that a Conservative majority Government will cut too much, and put schools and hospitals at risk. That’s why it makes sense to vote Lib Dem – we will cut less than the Conservatives and borrow less than Labour.”

“Above all, we have a strong local team who work hard all year round. We have run successful campaigns for Anlaby Park Library, to save a Police base in Hessle, for free car parking in Hessle, to save Springhead Golf Course from development –and people are supporting us based on our positive local record.”


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