73% of Hull residents think September is the best time for schools to fully return survey finds

73% of Hull residents think September is the best time for schools to fully return survey finds

By Admin Lib Dems, Jun 13, 2020 1:06

Parents playing with child in a field.

Following the news that the government has pushed back the date when they expect more children to return to school, a survey by Hull's Liberal Democrats shows support for a later start date.

The survey, that had over 425 respondents, was carried out by Hull's Liberal Democrats and found that the overwhelming majority do not think schools should fully return until September. Cllr Mike Ross, Lib Dem Group leader, has said that the Government must follow the science and listen to people before making their decisions adding that the approach so far has seemed rushed. 

The Survey also showed that 70% of respondents were against the original schools return date of June 1st, with many commenting that the Covid-19 death and infection rates needed to fall more significantly first.

Commenting on the results Cllr Mike Ross said:

“It’s clear that residents in Hull had no faith in the Government’s plans to fully reopen schools. Going forward they now need to take their plans back to the drawing board and consult properly with unions, teachers and parents about where to go next. 

"Whatever decision parents made about sending their child back to school or not was the right one for them. The lack of helpful information from the government to demonstrate that it was safe to send children back was shameful, though, and made this crucial decision all the more difficult.

“The Council also needs to start showing leadership on this issue and proactively engage with parents, schools and unions to avoid a complete catastrophe.”

Research Facts: 

426 responses:

  • 16% had children of pre-school/nursery age
  • 58% had children of primary age
  • 40% had children of secondary age
  • 18% had no school-age children

Of those with children:

70% were against sending their children back to school on 1st June

Of all respondees:

73% thought the right time to send children back to school was September

  • Just over two-thirds of respondents felt that it wasn't appropriate to send their children back to school right now.
  • Concerns for parents included the difficulties of social distancing and the lack of an effective test, track and trace system. 

Many expressed concerns around the need for the Coronavirus death rate to fall more significantly, with nearly three quarters feeling that September would be the right time for schools to re-open full

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