Figures show rogue landlords in Hull being let off the hook

Hull City Lib Dems have challenged the Labour administration to do more to protect tenants, after figures revealed only a handful of rogue landlords in Hull are being prosecuted. Hull City Council has only prosecuted eight rogue landlords in the last year, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.


This is despite 474 “category one” hazards being found during inspections, such as damp and mould, fire risks or dangerous electrics.

The Council issued 71 improvement notices and 11 prohibition orders to rogue landlords in 2016-17, following a total of 664 inspections.

We know that many tenants in Hull have to endure horrendous and unsafe living conditions. But these figures show too many rogue landlords are being let off the hook.

The ouncil needs to step up efforts to bring rogue landlords to justice. The vast majority of landlords treat their tenants well, but we need to clamp down on the minority who are getting away with exploiting renters.”

Last year Cllr Quinn proposed a motion to Full Council in support of a Lib Dem Private Members Renters’ Rights Bill. This gained cross-party support from Hull City Councillors.

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