Hull Lib Dems: Govt must end debt crisis for renters to avoid homelessness trebling in 2020

Coronavirus house retention scheme needed suggest Lib Dems

By Admin Lib Dems, Jul 01, 2020 12:07

Worried-looking woman with her hand to her head.

Responding to a report by Generation Rent, which has found that 'homelessness is set to treble this year ... as a result of the economic shock of coronavirus', Hull Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Mike Ross stated: 

"The fact that homelessness is set to treble this year is yet more proof that the consequences of the pandemic are set to be devastating for those already struggling to get by and can afford the least to be hit. The Government must take action now to stop these statistics becoming a reality here in Hull.


"This Conservative Government seem content to ignore the realities of the debt crisis renters are finding themselves in, whilst simultaneously withdrawing their support. Unfortunately rent holidays are not enough - they must also provide security for those tenants who are now in arrears.

"The Liberal Democrats in Government have been clear that the Government must back Generation Rent's campaign to introduce a new Coronavirus Home Retention Scheme, which would clear rent arrears not covered by the welfare system, as well as further raising the Local Housing Allowance. The consequences of this pandemic are far from over, and as long as this crisis continues, so must the Government's support."

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