Hull is ready for change!

The message was clear - voters in Hull are ready for change! At the local elections on 2 May, the Lib Dems in Hull got more votes than Labour for the first time since 2008.


Hull Lib Dems did very well, making a significant gain with Cllr Allen Healand's success in Sutton Ward. The strong results in Hull were reflected nationally, with the Lib Dems in England gaining more than 700 council seats - the party's best ever local election results.

It's clear that people want change, both locally in Hull and nationally. In Westminster we have a Conservative Government that has tied itself in knows with in-fighting and Brexit. And here in Hull we have a Labour administration that has run out of ideas and which refuses to listen to residents.

No wonder so many people are voting Lib Dem - many for the first time. More and more people are realising that there is an alternative and here in Hull the Lib Dems are the party offering real change - with hardworking, committed local councillors who will always put the views of residents first.

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