Public shocked by Labour councillors’ failure to prioritise mental health

Members of the public have expressed shock and outrage at the failure of Labour councillors to make mental health a priority.

At a recent council meeting, the Liberal Democrats called for the Council to make mental health a priority.

They also called for the Council to sign up to the 'Local Council Mental Health Challenge' and the 'Time to Change' pledge.

At the meeting, Labour councillors rejected the calls and voted to push the issue into the long grass.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Linda Tock said: “I wanted us to openly discuss mental health issues and commit to making it a priority in order to challenge the associated stigma around it.

“It was sad to see that Labour Councillors disagreed.

“Instead of backing the pledge to work for better mental health, they used their numbers to shut down debate and kicked the issue into the long grass.

“Over the last few weeks many people have been in touch to say how appalled they are at the attitude of the Labour councillors in control of the Council. Others have been pleased that the Lib Dems have been raising this important issue on their behalf."

“We are determined not to let this drop and will continue to hold the Council to account about mental health.”

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