Hull Lib Dems pledge to reverse outrageous Labour Public Health cuts

Hull Lib Dems have slammed proposals by the Labour administration to cut vital public health services, while stashing away millions in unallocated reserves.


Under Labour proposals, vital services for vulnerable groups - including the victims of domestic abuse, people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, and new mothers looking to access breastfeeding and support services – would be dramatically cut.

In contrast, Hull City Council Lib Dems would make the health of residents their top priority. The Group’s alternative budget proposals would protect the Public Health Budget in full.

Labour’s proposed cuts would inflict huge damage to the city’s most vulnerable residents.

It’s outrageous that while inflicting £1.7million of cuts to vital health services in Hull, they are deliberately choosing to hoard millions in the bank.

This is about getting priorities right.

Liberal Democrats wouldn’t cut a single penny from the Public Health Budget. For us, the health of residents has to be a priority.

Labour bosses have made their choice. They will cut health budget while stashing millions in the bank – knowing full well that victims of domestic abuse, people suffering from addiction and new mothers in need of support will all feel the impact.

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