Value for Money

This year, the Conservative Government in Westminster is yet again failing to fund local authorities properly. It’s clear that the Conservative Party just doesn’t care about cities like Hull, they voted to take food out of the mouth's of children during a half-term where Hull was under a lock down.

Because of national pressures, the Liberal Democrats recognise there is now little alternative to raising Council Tax, but would raise it less than Labour in Hull. It is critical that funding is available for frontline services, but unlike Labour, we will work to make residents’ money go further by being more efficient and effective with the limited resources available to the Council.

A Liberal Democrat Council will start by getting its own house in order – we will cut special allowances for councillors, reduce costs at the Guildhall and will improve the delivery of services to give residents real value for money.

The Labour administration in Hull put forward a 'stand still' budget, in their own words. Labour are holding Hull back. Lib Dems want to help Hull move forward beyond the pandemic and provide value for money for residents with lower council taxes than Labour.

We need to send a clear message to government: residents in Hull demand better. Westminster politicians need to know that there is no spare cash – we need a fair deal, and we need it now.