Liberal Democrats in Hull vow to challenge Government’s “power grab” on planning

Hull's Liberal Democrats have warned that the Government’s planning proposals will “disempower” local authorities like Hull City Council and allow developers to “run roughshod” over local communities’ wishes.
A motion agreed at the Party’s Autumn Conference, making it official party policy, lays bare the risks of the Government’s proposals, which the Party argue amount to a Government “power grab” that will reduce investment in affordable housing in Hull and elsewhere.


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Hull Lib Dem Councillors at the root of new national policy to adopt a Universal Basic Income

Lib Dem Councillors Jack Haines and Paul Drake-Davis, co-founding members of the UBI Lab in Hull and tabled a Council motion back in January to pilot a Universal Basic Income, have shared their delight as UBI becomes part of the Liberal Democrats national party policy.

The Hull Lib Dems, who were the first council group in the party to call for a pilot of the Basic Income scheme in the city, has played a key role in the parties internal campaign to make the progressive policy a national flagship.


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Democratic shambles: Labour Council prevent Councillors from voting virtually part-way through council meeting.

Thursday’s Full Council meeting took place in both the Guildhall and virtually to adhere to social distancing, as not all councillors can be present in person at one time to maintain Government guidance on social distancing.

During the meeting a Labour Councillor could not be seen or heard virtually when it came to one of them having to caste their vote.



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Citizens Assembly rejected by “tone deaf” Labour Council

Local Lib Dems have hit out after Labour's Guildhall bosses rejected proposals for a Citizens Assembly to help the city rebuild following the Covid19 pandemic. The Citizens Assembly would have sought to bring in residents voices, in order to share ideas about how the city should recover from the effects of Covid19.

The Labour Councillors, however, chose not to listen to this call and decided it knew best for the recovery of the city and not local residents.


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Labour Council reject Lib Dem calls to listen to the public on cycle changes

The Lib Dems have spoken out after the ruling Labour group on Hull City Council blocked efforts to listen to local residents over changes to the city's road network.    

At Thursday's full council meeting, Lib Dem Councillors united in demanding better of the Labour Council, calling for them to take into account the views of local residents.



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