Opposition councillors speak out about Labour cuts

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have today expressed alarm at the cuts senior Labour councillors look set to make.

The scale of Labour’s £7million cuts programme was exposed at a meeting of finance scrutiny councillors today (23rd October).  The Lib Dem group have accused the Labour group of hypocrisy after revealing plans to u-turn on a commitment not to charge charities to get rid of waste.

In addition to this, at a Cabinet meeting next Monday Labour look set to:

  • Break a promise again and making about 15 people at the Council redundant next year and at least another 10 redundant the year after that.
  • Make cuts to the department that deals with anti-social behaviour and pest problems.
  • By 2018 there will be a £250,000 reduction in housing support for vulnerable people.
  • Support to vital bus routes in the city used by shoppers, school children and the elderly will be cut.
  • A £16,000 fund that helps community organisations is to be eliminated.
  • The budget for the team supporting the Capital of Culture team will be cut in the year running up to it.

Lib Dem Councillor Abigail Bell said: “This is just another set of Labour broken promises. They are making staff redundant and cutting millions of pounds from vital frontline services.

“These cuts will mean less housing support for vulnerable people, less support to vital bus routes and funding for community organisations cut. As usual we see broken promise after broken promise, while Labour prioritise their own pet projects.  While we all know times are tough, they have been made much harder thanks to Labour’s own choices.”

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