Opposition councillors slam Hull’s Labour administration

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are set to slam the Labour administration over its handling of the Council’s finances.

In a rare censure motion they will condemn Labour councillors for cutting jobs and frontline services – despite promising they wouldn’t before coming to power.

They will highlight the increased costs for Hull’s residents, with hikes in Council Tax, rents and fees for certain services from next month.

The cuts to vital local services include road and pavement repairs, libraries and the maintenance of green spaces and grass verges.

They will also raise concerns about Labour councillors’ plans to max out the Council’s credit card by borrowing an additional  £45m. It is thought that Tax-payers will be paying off the debt for generations.

Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem group, Councillor Mike Ross, commented: “What have Labour got to show for four years in charge? Labour locally have repeatedly shown they cannot be trusted with tax-payers’ money. It has been a return to their old ways of waste and mismanagement.”

“Over the last four years they have wasted millions on consultants, buying office space the Council does not need, silverware cabinets and renovating a room for Peter Mandelson.”

“Now they are trying to max out the Council’s credit card at the same time as making cuts to jobs and frontline services.”

“Over the last four years Labour councillors have broken every promise they made before coming to power. For all of those reasons we have decided to censure the Labour administration.”

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