Opposition call for a halt to Council spend on cuts consultants

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are calling for Labour councillors to stop spending money on consultants to advise on cut to Adult Social Care.

Late last year senior Labour councillors announced that they would make £20million of cuts to Adult Social Care. They have yet to say which areas of the service in particular will be cut.

The administration is also set to pay consultants £415,000 to advise on how best to make the cuts.

At a meeting of councillors next Thursday, the Liberal Democrat group will call for the consultants not to be brought in.

Leader of the Lib Dem group, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “We are calling on Labour councillors not to spend £415,000 on brining in consultants to tell them how to cut services. At a time when every penny counts they must stop spending money on consultants to make the hard decisions 

"Labour councillors also need to think carefully about their proposals for a £20million cut to Adult Social Care. It is likely that cuts on that scale will hit some of the most vulnerable people in the City the hardest. 

"Cuts on such a scale seem especially hard to justify at a time when the Council is about to spend over £30million building a conference centre. People are quite rightly asking if Labour councillors priorities are wrong.”

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