Lib Dems call for 'Northern New Deal' following disappointing spending review

By Admin Lib Dems, Nov 25, 2020 1:11

Following the spending review of the Conservative Government, the Lib Dems in Hull have called on the Government not to forget cities in the North like Hull. 

The Hull Liberal Democrats led by Councillor Mike Ross, have expressed their disappointment at the spending review calling for more support for the most vulnerable in society.  

Leader of Hull City Council's Lib Dem Group, Councillor Mike Ross said:

"This Conservative Government has left so many people out during this pandemic and so many have fallen through the net - poverty is increasing in places like Hull at a rapid rate, many people are finding themselves at crisis point.

"Shockingly we have seen a public sector pay freeze, a pathetic minimum wage increase of just 19p an hour and more rhetoric over results. We have to protect small businesses and livelihoods. 

"The Lib Dems are demanding better for the North of England. Hull and other Northern cities should be put at the forefront of a post covid-19 economic renewal. We want to see furlough extended immediately, a green economic recovery and support for the most vulnerable in society."


The Liberal Democrats are calling for a clear plan to help families facing hardship, create jobs and build the green economy of the future:

  • Protect jobs and livelihoods by extending the Job Retention Scheme through June 2021 and rolling out support to the three million taxpayers that have been excluded.
  • Build a green economic recovery by spending £150 billion over 3 years in insulating homes, green transport, renewable energy and a green jobs guarantee.
  • Support carers by providing an extra £4bn to local authorities and raising Carer’s Allowance by £1,000 a year to support unpaid carers.
  • Extend access to Free School Meals so no child living in poverty misses out and ensure every pupil has a laptop or tablet so they do not fall behind.
  • Ensure Mental Health Services can help everyone who needs them, including funding early interventions such as counsellors in schools.


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