Opposition Lib Dem councillors are concerned that plans to fluoridate Hull's water are back on the agenda.

Labour’s plan to compulsorily medicate the population met with outright hostility from large chunks of the public.

The Council has yet to secure buy-in from the East Riding Council and the water authorities – which would be essential for the plan to go ahead. And the money indicatively allocated by Labour is a fraction of what will be needed.

Now opposition Liberal Democrats are asking: If the public don’t support it, key stakeholders are not onside, and there isn’t the money to do it – why are Labour Bosses pressing ahead?

In mid-November a meeting is expected to be held for a select group of people to brief them about the fluoridation process.

The proposals were first raised by senior Labour councillors earlier this year. Despite the public protest that followed they have been working in the background to make their plans a reality.

Questions around the cost of the project have yet to be answered, but they are expected to run into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Lib Dem Councillor Jackie Dad, a member of Hull's Health and Wellbeing Board said: "I, along with many in Hull, am concerned about proposals to fluoridate our water supply. The lack of genuine public consultation on the issue is also concerning."

"I know many people are asking, at a time when every penny counts should the Council be investing so much time and money into such an unpopular scheme. How many day centres, libraries and leisure centres will have to close to fund fluoridation?

"Clearly fluoridation is back on the agenda with certain Labour councillors pushing it and we intend to oppose it every step of the way."

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