Hull Liberal Democrats call for city to 'move forward' from Labour's 'stand still' budget

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By Admin Lib Dems, Feb 26, 2021 4:02

Bank notes and coins.

Hull City Council today (25/2/21) met to decide its budget for the next financial year.

The debate saw Labour councillors admit their budget would see the council 'stand still' before voting it through. The Liberal Democrats presented an alternative plan, aimed at moving Hull forward, with a number of new spending commitments on roads, crime prevention, and mental health services.

The Liberal Democrats state that the city faces tough times ahead and have put together a proactive alternative budget to face it head on. Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Hull City Council, Cllr Mike Ross, said: "Now is the time for real leadership to face the challenges ahead and this Labour 'standstill' budget just doesn't do that."

Cllr Mike Ross added:

"Labour proved today that they're tired, burnt out and out of touch - they spent 99% of the time speaking about the Liberal Democrats alternative budget, what better way to demonstrate that the Liberal Democrats have all the vision and ideas to move Hull forward.

"The Liberal Democrats are going to invest in the priorities of the people of Hull - almost £2 million in extra funding for roads and footpaths in the city. After 10 years of Labour the roads and footpaths in the city have fallen to pieces.

"Moving Hull forward is what the Liberal Democrats will do. We will create greener and cleaner communities, investing almost £1 million to bring that vision to life. We will sort out the litter and fly tipping in the city, long since neglected by the Labour administration."

Lib Dem Cllr Jackie Dad, Holderness ward, added:

"Liberal Democrats called for a lower council tax rate than Labour proposed. Labour rejected it, they voted to increase council taxes by the highest possible amount in tough times. A Liberal Democrat administration would deliver better value for money than Labour for Hull’s residents.

"The Liberal Democrats in Hull would lead by example, it would make cuts to Councillor's responsibility allowances, ensuring we do our bit as local politicians to tighten our belts in tough times ahead.

"Residents repeatedly share concerns about fears of crime in the city and call for more visible community policing, Labour never listen. The Liberal Democrats put residents first and listen, so we would create a half a million pound new fund to combat crime in communities."



Lib Dem Leader Cllr Mike Ross put forward the Liberal Democrat group’s alternative budget announcing his party would:

· Keeping Council Tax 1% lower than what the Labour administration proposed.

· Create a High Street investment fund of £150,000 dedicated to supporting the resurgence of our local high streets.

· Invest £500,000 into a new Crime Prevention fund – previously axed by Labour back in 2011.

· Invest £850,000 into creating cleaner and greener communities in Hull.

· Crackdown on the minority of rogue landlords, by investing £70,000 in the private rented sector housing team.

· Cut the "Love Labour" vanity project, "Love Hull ", saving £137,000. 

· Cut Councillor's special allowances by £80,000.

· Listen to our city’s residents and bring them with us to move Hull forward.

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