Liberal Democrats Slam £73,525 Cost Of Wasteful And Misleading Council Leader Coronavirus Letter

By Admin Lib Dems, Jan 19, 2021 2:01

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The Hull Liberal Democrats have slammed the council for being "wasteful" and "misleading" after it has been revealed an outdated letter estimated to cost over £73,000 was sent to every resident in the city by Council leader Stephen Brady. 
The letter, dated 17th November, arrived on doorsteps many days (in some cases over a week) after the date stated what residents found to be outdated information around Christmas and other Coronavirus guidelines.

The Liberal Democrats have now revealed that the letter cost £73,525.57 to send to every door in Hull. 
The cost of the letter from Labour Council Leader Brady will be covered by the Government's funding for councils hit by the pandemic. The letter was out of date before it left the Guildhall. 
Liberal Democrat Leader of Hull City Council's Group, Cllr Mike Ross has called it "sloppy" and "wasteful", he further added: 
“If Labour councillors want to spend such a large amount of taxpayers money, they should do their best to make sure the information sent out is relevant, clear and on time. Sadly, as ever with this Labour council it was none of those things. 
“Some residents feel Labour were more concerned with using this opportunity to send out a letter promoting a senior Labour Councillor, paid for by the taxpayer than they were about getting genuinely useful information to residents. This letter could easily have come from a Public Health professional – but not in Labour-run Hull.
"We were shocked to discover that this letter, in some cases received ten days after its initial date, cost so much money to send out to residents in the city, with guidance that was outdated before it even left the Guildhall. 
"When handling such a crisis like this pandemic we need a council that communicate clearly and cost-effectively. This letter costing over £73,000 was at best wasteful, sloppy and confusing – and at worst a cynical exercise in self-promotion. Residents in Hull need real leadership and deserve better.”

*Figures calculated from financial evidence of costing:
Print: £2367.00
Envelope: £1,982.23
Fulfilment: £3,238.84 
1st Class Post : £65937.50

Total: £73,525.57

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