Hull Lib Dems call for parity in funding for mental and physical health

At Hull City Full Council on 21st November the Liberal Democrat Group called for the new Prime Minister to “address the disparity between physical and mental health and resolves to address the funding crisis.”

The Motion, moved by Lib Dem Drypool Councillor Linda Chambers, noted a “record of delayed diagnosis, assessment and treatment, restrictions to access, referrals out of the city and the failure of a Crisis Team to meet the 24/7 needs.” This paints a bleak picture for the current status of mental health services in Hull.

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The Lib Dem Group went further, saying that “the lack of adequate provision is stretching other services and putting the burden on the Police and voluntary organisations.”

Commenting, Lib Dem Cllr for Drypool Linda Chambers, said:

“We all know someone, if not ourselves who has struggled with mental health problems at some point. The time to acknowledge this is now. Mental health has to be treated equally and with parity to physical health – it is just as important.

“The lack of funding puts so much stress and strain on other services such as the police and the volunteering and community sector. We need to urgently help those in need and that means giving parity between mental and physical health.

“You see tragic stories, in Hull, and across the country about people who took their lives because of serious untreated mental health issues – the time for sticking plasters is over, the time for serious necessary funding is now.”

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