Local Councillors welcome news that a new site will be identified for a cycle track

Local councillors have today welcomed news that the Council and British Cycling are working to identify a new location for a closed road circuit cycle track in the Hull.

The cycle track was originally planned for Costello Playing field, but concerns were raised by residents and councillors about the design of the track, drainage, lighting and noise.

Local councillor Karen Woods commented: “I welcome the fact that the Council and British Cycling are looking for a new site for the Council track. Although many people in the local area supported the principle of a cycle track, they raised many valid concerns about the specific designs. The city should have a new closed road circuit cycle track, however, I don’t think Costello Playing Fields is the right location.”

“People’s gardens on Southern Drive flood and there were concerns the cycle track would make that worse. Other people didn’t want to loose the green space or were worried about noise. I hope that a more suitable location for the cycle track can be found in the city.”

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