Action to limit HMOs around Holderness Road

Drypool and Holderness Ward councillors are joining forces to call for a new "Article 4 directive" to cover streets off Holderness Road. This would mean that any property owner in the area, who wanted to convert their house into an HMO, would need to get permission.


Cllrs Diana Hatcher, Linda Chambers and Adam Williams (Drypool Ward) are working with their Lib Dem colleagues Cllrs Kalvin Neal, Linda Tock and Jackie Dad (Holderness Ward) to campaign for the Article 4 directive to cover the streets off Holderness Road, Newbridge Road, New Cleveland Street, Chamberlain Road and Stoneferry Road.

One of the big issues facing the area is the number of houses being turned into flats or HMOs. The more houses that are converted into flats, the more impact there is on parking, congestion and sadly - sometimes - litter and antisocial behaviour. This is something many residents are concerned about.

At the moment there are no limits on houses in the Holderness Road area being turned into HMOs - that's something that we’re determined to change.

Hull City Council is considering putting in place an "Article 4 directive" to cover some streets. But we’re campaigning for the directive to cover all the streets in our communities, including Newbridge Road, New Cleveland Street, Chamberlain Road and Stoneferry Road.”

Residents can back the campaigning by signing the Article 4 petition at:

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