Liberal Democrats call for Government to invest properly in social care

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are set to slam the Government's response to dealing with the funding crisis in social care. 

Late last year the Government attempted to shift the burden of the social care gap onto local councils by allowing them to increase council tax further.

The move is unlikely to generate enough funds to bridge the gap nationally or locally which will continue to grow year on year.

At a meeting of councillors on Thursday they will instead call on the Government to properly fund the City's social care needs.

Opposition Lib Dem Councillor Claire Thomas said: "Last year the 2% increase in council tax brought in about £360 million nationally which leaves a predicted gap of £2.2 billion by 2020.

"Council tax is an inherently unfair tax. People on lower incomes pay a much higher proportion of their income than people who earn more. A person in a small terraced house could already be paying as much as someone living in a mansion flat in Westminster because of the way the system works.

“The Government has to look at better ways of properly funding social care and seek to invest more into it. If they don’t the council tax bills for the poorest in our society will go up and the social care funding gap will only get bigger - making it even harder for people to get the care they need, and causing further pressure on the NHS.”

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