Lib Dems: We’re ready for the fight in Hull

Today the Hull Liberal Democrats have announced a full slate of local candidates for Hull, ahead of the snap General Election. Lib Dems Hull Council Group Leader Mike Ross is re-standing in Hull North, East Riding Councillor David Nolan is standing in Hull West and Hessle and former police officer Bob Morgan is contesting Hull East.

The Lib Dem group in Hull, who are the main challenger to Labour for control of the Council in May, are optimistic about their chances across the city and are hoping to build on consistent gains in recent years.


Hull North Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate - Mike Ross with Jo Swinson MP & Local Party Members


Reacting to the election being called Hull North Parliamentary candidate Mike Ross said:

“This election presents a huge opportunity for the Liberal Democrats nationally as well as here in Hull to show that there is an alternative to the old two main parties.

"We are the only clear and credible alternative to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, and we will be campaigning hard across all three seats. People are tired of a complacent out of touch Labour Party in Hull and likewise tired of the Tory Government nationally. In this year's local elections it was the Liberal Democrats that won more votes than anyone else, which shows we are the challengers to Labour here in Hull.

"Residents across Hull should demand better for their local schools, NHS and police services, something must change, and the Liberal Democrats are the clear choice in Hull this election.”


Hull East Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate - Bob Morgan


Hull West & Hessle Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate - David Nolan



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