Lib Dems on Hull City Council call for Council Tax Freeze

Lib Dem councillors are calling for Hull’s Council Tax to be frozen in 2015-16, amid fears the Labour administration want to put it up again.

Next year the government has pledged funding to help councils freeze Council Tax.


At the next meeting of Full Council, opposition Lib Dem councillors will be calling for the extra funding to be accepted and Council Tax frozen.

The call comes ahead of February’s budget meeting, where it is thought Labour will put Council Tax up by 1.95%.

Councillor Abigail Bell, Lib Dem Group Leader, said: “We are appealing to all councillors to support our motion and freeze Council Tax in the coming financial year.

“A Council Tax freeze would help many hard working people in Hull at time when money is still tight.

“Labour have put Council Tax up the last few years.  At the same time they have wasted millions on consultants and £386,000 on office space the Council didn’t need.

“The Lib Dems want the Council to take the funding from the government and freeze Council Tax. We also want to see an end to Labour’s spending on consultants and extravagant spending on pet projects."


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