Lib Dems: Labour mismanagement has led to Hull Council's finance crisis

Lib Dem opposition councillors are set to slam Hull's Labour administration over their mismanagement of the Council's finances.

At Thursday’s budget council meeting, they will accuse Labour of 'maxing out the Council's credit card'.

They will also say poor decision making by Labour since coming to power in 2011 has left the Council finances in a mess.

Last year it was revealed that several Council departments had colossal overspends.  

Adult social care was £4.542m overspent; Children’s Services by £3.761m; and, £0.998m in Streetscene. In total the Council had overspends amounting to over  £10m.

Leader of the Lib Dem Group, Councillor Mike Ross, said: "Under Labour, the Council's financial position has gone from bad to worse. 

"We believe that Labour councillors mismanagement of the Council's finances and poor decision making are largely to blame.

"In the last two years the administration has sought to borrow more and more despite creating huge financial black holes in some of the Council's most important services areas.

"The Lib Dems, as the only effective opposition, will continue to push the administration to ensure the Council is delivering the basic services residents need and to stop focusing on pet projects."

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