Lib Dems announce plan to “fix Hull’s transport system”

Following today’s (12th February 2020) Infrastructure & Energy Scrutiny meeting, the Lib Dem Deputy Leader Ryan Langley has announced a plan that would see Hull’s broken transport network fixed through massive green transport investment.

The plan, which will feature as part of the main opposition party’s budget, would encourage residents across the city to try out different types of travel, such as walking and cycling.

Lib Dem Cllr Julie Greenhill, who sits on the Infrastructure & Energy scrutiny, praised cross party agreement at the meeting – but condemned the Labour Administration for being “all bark and no bite.”


Commenting after the meeting Derringham Ward Cllr Ryan Langley said:

“The Lib Dems in Hull know that our transport system is broken, we need to change the way we think about getting around the city. By announcing funding specifically for green transport and infrastructure, we will fix Hull’s transport system.

“Congestion, traffic and unexpected road closures bring this city grinding to a halt, we need to make sure residents have the confidence to get around the city easily and not have to sit in hours of traffic chaos.”

Lib Dem Derringham Ward Cllr Julie Greenhill added:

“Labour need to get serious about fixing Hull’s broken transport system. After nine years of them being in power, traffic, congestion and road closures have become flagship issues to residents in the area I represent and across Hull.”

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