Lib Dems demand a halt to consultant hire by Council

Lib Dem councillors on Hull City Council have called for a stop on the decision to spend up to £415,000 on consultants to advise on £20million of Social Care cuts.

Labour councillors are planning to spend £170,000 initially to write a business case, followed by £240,000 for further advice on what cuts to make to Adult Social care.

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have requested a 'call in' of the decision to ensure that it gets more scrutiny.

Opposition Lib Dem councillor, Councillor Dave McCobb, said: "Instead of spending £415,000 on consultants the Lib Dems would actually want to spend it on the Adult Social Care service itself. 

"Lib Dem councillors are concerned about the scale of cuts being proposed to Adult Social Care. Everyone knows that local councils have less money to spend than ever before, so all the more reason to ensure every penny is spent helping residents and not wasted.

"Over the last five years Labour have spent millions on consultants to tell them what to do and which staff to sack, but they have failed time and again to properly plan the Councils budgets for the long term. As a result these cuts will be much worse than they could have been and really impact on the very people in this city who need help the most."

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