Lib Dems condemn Council for spending over £500,000 on consultants for HMS Illustrious project

Opposition councillors have today spoken out about how much the Council has spent on consultants working on the HMS Illustrious project.

Today they called on the Council to stop any further spend on the project until important questions are answered.

It recently emerged that the Council has spent £540,000 on consultants who are working on proposals to build a riverside berth that would be used for HMS Illustrious.


The Council’s spending has happened despite the fact that there is no guarantee that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) would approve the plans and it is looking increasingly unlikely approval will be given.

No consultation has yet taken place with residents or businesses on Victoria Dock, the proposed site for the terminal and HMS Illustrious berth.

Opposition Lib Dem Councillor Claire Thomas said: “The Council’s spend on a riverside berth for HMS Illustrious is becoming very concerning. It looks more and more like the Council is going to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on a project that might never happen.

“There is no guarantee the MOD would approve the Council’s plan to bring HMS Illustrious to the city. Even if the MOD did agree there are many unanswered questions, such as if Victoria Dock residents would be happy having the ship berthed outside their homes, whether there would be parking available, or even if there is a suitable access point by road. Some of the most congested roads in the city are in the area.

"There is also the question of where the money would come from to pay for the construction and running costs of the berth. 

“The Council's plans have already changed several times. They are now only asking for HMS Illustrious to be here for 1 or 2 years. There is a big question mark over whether it is right to spend such a large amount of money for such a small return.

“Today I’m calling on the Council to halt any further spending on the project,” added Claire. "The council should find out whether Illustrious is actually going to come to Hull before spending any more taxpayers money.”

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