Lib Dems call on Labour to make a guarantee about city’s heritage

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have today expressed concern about the way Hull’s heritage is being treated in the run-up to the City of Culture year.

They cite a number of concerning examples from recent months, including the Council’s actions regarding:

  • Utility boxes installed on Prince Street Arch
  • Proposal to fill in the Beverley Gate site
  • Ripping up of historic railways and cobble sets at the Marina
  • Removal of cobble sets from Bowlalley Lane

At a meeting of councillors on Thursday they will be calling on Labour councillors to give a firm commitment to stop damaging the city’s history and to protect the historic features around the Marina.

Lib Dem Leader, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “Every month residents from all across the city get in touch with us concerned about the potential damage to Hull’s heritage.


“It’s time for the Council to stop using taxpayers money on schemes that vandalise our local cultural heritage. There is no point regenerating the city centre for the Capital of Culture year if that means ripping out our heritage in the process.

“On Thursday I will be calling on the Leader of the Council and senior Labour to give a firm commitment to protect Hull’s heritage.”

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