Lib Dems call on Labour to halt £360,000 Guildhall spend‏

Lib Dem councillors are calling on labour councillors to reconsider spending £360,000 on the Guildhall, while at the same time making cuts elsewhere.

Labour councillors have said they need to make multi-million pound cuts to services.

The cuts have to be made because of overspends in a number of services areas.

Council finance papers recently revealed over £9million overspend in Adults, Children’s and Streetscene services.

Leader of the Lib Dem Group, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “We urge Labour councillors to rethink spending £360,000.  The public will rightly question the council spending this money on the Guildhall, while at the same time making multi-million pound cuts on vital services.

“If there is this money to spend, I am sure many residents would feel it could be much better spent in their local area.

“Labour councillors need to get their priorities straight and look further than their own offices for what needs improving.”

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