Lib Dems call for Hull City Council to sign up to the Living Wage

At a meeting of Council next week Lib Dem councillors will call for the Council to sign up to the Living Wage.

The Living Wage, which is not the same a Minimum Wage, was set up over a decade ago to ensure that workers are paid enough to live on. Outside of London the Living Wage is currently set at £7.85.

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have been calling for the Council to adopt the Living Wage for some time.

In February 2013 Lib Dem Councillor Charles Quinn received unanimous support for a motion which would have seen the Living Wage introduced within 2 months.

However, in the two and half years since then the Labour administration has made very little visible progress and continues to pay staff less than the Living Wage.

Cllr Quinn said: “Many Councils and employers, including some here in Hull, are now paying their employees the Living Wage. I don’t see why Hull City Council should be any different.”

“The Lib Dems are concerned about proposals for a ‘Hull Living Wage’ which would be lower than the nationally set Living Wage.

“We think a Hull Living Wage would send out a message that it’s OK to pay people in Hull less than elsewhere in the country. As ridiculous as it sounds, I could see such a move leading to employers in the City who pay the Living Wage being asked to pay their employees less!”

Cllr Quinn added: “The minimum wage is simply not enough for many individuals or families to avoid living in poverty. Labour councillors should do what they promised in 2013 and adopt the Living Wage straight away.”

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