Lib Dems Call for Council Tax Freeze

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are calling for Hull’s Council Tax to be frozen this year.

Labour councillors have put up Council Tax over a number of years and it is thought highly likely they plan to do it again in 2016.

It is expected that Labour councillors will put Council Tax up by almost 4%, the most they can under current rules.

While in power at the Guildhall the Lib Dems froze Council Tax for two years and consistently sought a freeze while in opposition.

Councillor Mike Ross, Lib Dem Group Leader, said: “A Council Tax freeze would help many hard working people in Hull at time when money is still tight.

“Labour have put Council Tax up the last few years while at the same time wasting millions.” added Mike. “Only last week they said they were going to spend £415,000 on consultants to tell them how to make £20million of cuts to adult social care.

“It defies common sense that after doing something like that Labour councillors would ask for more from residents.  Meanwhile, Labour seek to borrow beyond their means to cover their pet projects – meaning a -hit on vital local services in the future.

 “The Lib Dems on the other hand would freeze Council Tax, helping hard hit local residents.”

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