Lib Dems attack £100,000 waste on boundary review

Hull’s Liberal Democrat group have condemned the ruling Labour administration has for wasting thousands of pounds of tax-payers money. 

The condemnation follows the publication of an interim report by the Independent Commission set up by Hull City Council to explore the city’s boundaries with the East Riding.

The Commission was set up at a cost of £35,000. The desire from Labour councillor’s to extend the boundaries also led to the Conservative-run East Riding Council holding a referendum – at a cost of £70,000.

Lib Dem opposition councillors have been clear throughout that they believed the Commission would be a waste of both time and money. The Commission itself has conceded that any changes to council boundaries are highly unlikely to happen.

Opposition councillors concerns were realised recently when even the Labour Leader of the Council acknowledged matters had moved forward, with the prospects of a larger Yorkshire combined authority being explored.

Leader of the Hull Liberal Democrat Group, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “Lib Dem councillors said from the start that there was never any real prospect of any change when it came to the council boundaries.

“Anyone who knows the history would have known boundary change was unlikely.  The East Riding clearly didn’t want to take part in a boundary review. 

“However, it is scandalous that arriving, at what was the obvious conclusion, has cost such a lot of money. Well over £100,000 of tax-payers money has been wasted in the last year.

“The Liberal Democrats believe that money could and should have been put to much better effect, delivering vital services. The City simply can’t afford for Labour councillors to keep wasting money in this way.”

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