Lib Dems alternative budget would provide value for money and protect services

Hull Lib Dems have today released details about their alternative budget which will be discussed at Thursday’s budget-setting council meeting.

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are set to oppose the Labour administration’s plans to increase Council Tax, and Labour’s plans to cut key front line services.

Lib Dem Group Leader, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “Labour councillors have consistently put up Council Tax and cut frontline services. It is just wrong.

“This year Labour councillors will impose a 4% Council Tax increase. In return for that hike residents will see cuts to social care, bus routes and community facilities. Everyone knows that money is tight at the Council but to give residents fewer services, waste taxpayers’ money and then charge local people more for it all is simply not right.

“The Lib Dems councillors want to see a Council Tax freeze. This can be achieved by scrapping multi-million contingency funds and reducing the amount of ‘Special Responsibility Allowances’ given to a number of councillors. Unlike Labour, we will not plunge the Council into millions of pounds of unnecessary debt to fund pet projects like the city centre Arena when the Council should be securing private investment to deliver it. Not racking up debts that will need paying off for years to come will help protect services.

“Our plans protect more of the services that are important to local people. We would provide more funding for road repairs, street cleaning and litter picking. We would also provide funding to ensure the future of important community facilities like libraries, Customer Service Centres and the Avenues Adult Education Centre.

“This year Labour’s plans will see higher taxes and reduced services, and a generation of debts to pay off. The Lib Dems would instead keep Council Tax low and protect vital frontline services.”

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