Lib Dem group respond to Adult Social Care Cuts

The Liberal Democrat group on Hull City Council have spoken out after the Council’s Cabinet made cuts to Adult Social Care.

The decision will see just under £1m removed from the service this year and over £2.5m every year after that.

Two day care centres are set to close, with one older people’s care home effectively closed and sweeping changes to a number of other services to elderly and vulnerable residents.

Following the decision, Councillor Mike Ross, Leader of Hull’s Lib Dem Group said:

“Today it took the Labour administration 2 minutes to make millions of pounds worth of cuts. It’s shocking that they didn’t discuss the concerns residents and other councillors have about the cuts.

“Opposition Lib Dem councillors rightly have strong concerns about the cuts to these services. Labour councillors are cutting a huge amount and it isn’t clear they understand the ramifications of their decisions.

“It is for instance difficult to see how they will achieve such cuts without job losses. The Trade Unions have voiced their belief that hundreds of jobs will go.  The council needs to be clear about what the real impact will be.

“There is also a great deal of concern about what this will mean for service users. It’s unfortunate that Bethune Day Centre is closing as it’s one of the last remaining Council services based in the area.

“We will push for the Labour administration council to be honest about what their real plans are.” Well over £100,000 of tax-payers money has been wasted in the last year.

“The Liberal Democrats believe that money could and should have been put to much better effect, delivering vital services. The City simply can’t afford for Labour councillors to keep wasting money in this way.”

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