Lib Dem councillors support lowering the voting age

Today Lib Dem councillors supported the lowering of the voting age to 16.

The issue was debated at a meeting of councillors after a request from the Hull Youth Parliament.

A proposals to lower the national voting age received unanimous support from councillors present.

Councillor Claire Thomas said: “It was great to see the Hull Youth Parliament organising a debate on the lowering of the national voting age.

“The Lib Dems were the only party to include lowering the voting age to 16 as part of their 2010 manifesto.

“Since then the Lib Dems in government have been pushing the issue in parliament.

“In 2013 Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams moved a debate on the issue. After a free vote most MPs came out in support. However, the Conservatives have blocked moves to lower the age.

"We think that 16 and 17 year olds have enough maturity and sufficient knowledge to cast a vote if they want to.

“They turned out in their thousands to vote in the recent Scottish Referendum and we don’t see why they couldn’t do it here.”

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