Lib Dem councillors call for fluoridation plans to be dropped

Liberal Democrat councillors today argued for plans to fluoridate Hull’s water supply to be scrapped.

But Labour councillors look set to continue the plans that could lead to fluoridating Hull’s water supply.

The Liberal Democrats argued instead that any available cash should be spent on improving educational programmes about good dental hygiene.

Liberal Democrat councillors were dismayed that Labour councillors used their voting majority to prevent councillors who disagreed with the Labour line from speaking in the debate.

Now Labour look set to push ahead with plans that would cost the Council £330,000 every year. It is estimated that the set-up costs alone could be as high as £2million.

Leader of the Lib Dem Group, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “Labour councillors have once again refused to debate this important issue and look set to railroad through their plans to fluoridate Hull’s water supply.

“There are real issues about where the money will come from to pay for this scheme - but Labour wouldn't talk about them.

"Ultimately, the only reason Labour are pushing ahead with the consultation is because they want to fluoridate Hull’s water, regardless of what the residents of Hull want. 

"Hull residents know how much they can trust this Labour Council's version of consultation - and that is, not very much! It is not about listening to the views of the public at all, but a legal step in the process.

“More importantly we don’t think it is right to add this to everyone’s water without their consent. It would instead be much better to target the help to those who need it most.”

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