Lib Dems would introduce a Latte Levy to help cut waste

Hull City Council Lib Dems are urging residents and local businesses to think twice before using unnecessary plastic straws and disposable coffee cups.

We want to encourage businesses and customers to think again before providing or using plastic straws and disposable cups.


This follows the news that the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee has published a report backing Lib Dem Party calls for a charge on disposable coffee cups.

Unnecessary plastics straws and waste coffee cups can end up as litter, something none of us want to see in our local neighbourhoods.

But plastic pollution is also a serious problem for our wider environment. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has even suggested that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

We want to encourage people in Hull to think again before they reach for a plastic straw and to take an extra second to remember their reusable cup.

It may only make a small difference, but together our actions add up.

The Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for a charge on coffee cups since September 2016, and were the only party to include the policy in their 2017 Manifesto.

The policy would build on the success of the 5p charge on plastic bags introduced by the Liberal Democrats in government, which has slashed usage in England by over 80%.

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