Labour’s Living Wage Woes – Lib Dems call for action from Labour Leadership

Labour councillors have today been accused of failing to respond properly to the growing pressure for the introduction of a Living Wage at the Council.

Opposition Lib Dem councillors first raised the issue of the introduction of the Living Wage at the Council two years ago. However, since then Labour councillors have ignored the issue, despite moves towards it nationally increasing.

Next week senior Labour councillors are being pushed into making a decision so the council does not end up on the wrong side of the law when the Living Wage will be rolled out nationally on 1st April 2016.

Lib Dem Group Leader, Councillor Mike Ross, said: “Labour councillors have effectively buried their head in the sand over this issue for two years. Had Labour councillors headed our warnings two years ago they could have gradually implemented a scheme that would work.

“Instead of taking a rational approach they are now talking about making up to 60 redundancies to introduce a Living Wage.  Instead of dealing with important issues like this they have been busy spending millions on pet projects and office space the Council just does not need!

“It shows you how much Labour have lost their way when they are talking about making people redundant to pay for a small pay rise for the worst off.”

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