Labour don’t respect Hull’s heritage‏

Labour councillors have been accused of having a lack of respect for Hull’s heritage by opposition Lib Dem councillors.

The accusation comes after the Council moved diggers onto a site at the Marina and started to rip out the historic railways and cobble stones.

Lib Dem Councillor Mike Ross, said: “Labour are ripping out a part of the city’s culture and history along with the railway tracks and cobblestones around the Marina.

“First they tried to fill in Beverley Gate and now this. No wonder people in Hull are outraged.

“The plans to fill in Beverley Gate were put on hold after opposition councillors and local people fought a strong campaign. Now the Council has reluctantly agreed to consider other options – although the battle still isn’t won.

“We demand that Labour councillors see sense and halt this vandalism to Hull’s heritage around the Marina.

“We all want to see a regenerated city centre. We all want to feel proud of our city in 2017. But that mustn’t mean ripping up chunks of our heritage in the process.”

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