Hull schools bear the brunt of Conservative Government cuts

Liberal Democrat education spokesperson, Cllr Linda Tock, has criticised the response from the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, to a request for more funding for Hull’s schools.

Figures released in the summer showed that Hull’s schools had suffered a significant cut in funding in the last four years. The Liberal Democrat group on Hull City Council have said the Conservative government has ignored the real problems of educational funding, leading to a crisis for schools across the city.

school funding still in crisis

Cllr Linda Tock said,

“The situation is that average per pupil funding in our city has been reduced in ‘real terms’ by £367.00; 2015-2019 this amounts to a ‘real term’ reduction of 7%. We, the Lib Dems, demand better for the children of Hull. The government may have promised to add further funding to education in the future, but it still does not reverse the ‘real term’ reduction of school budgets since 2015. Schools are struggling right now they can’t wait until September for a short-term parachute package – that falls way short of what’s needed to turn the problem around."

“The Hull Liberal Democrat group will keep on campaigning to tackle and address the school cuts crisis and we thank all those who have backed our call for action.”

Deputy Leader of the Hull City Council Liberal Democrat Group, Cllr Ryan Langley, who represents Derringham ward and had this to say following the inadequate rating received by Wold Academy in the ward,

“Ofsted have made their judgement of Wold Academy, but underlying many of the issues they’ve identified is quite frankly a lack of sufficient funding being made available. The children in Derringham deserve better than suffering from the blistering Conservative education cuts of the last 4 years."

“Put simply, if Wold Academy had had more funding it is quite possible it would have been able to meet the standards required, not just for Ofsted but for the community it serves. I want to continue to engage with the community and the school to help campaign for the funding Wold and other schools in Hull need.”

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