Hull Lib Dems: stop arguing about boundaries and get back to basics

Lib Dem councillors in Hull have today called for councils leaders to stop fighting about boundaries and focus on providing basic services.

They argue that the increasing vocal argument between council leaders in Hull and the East Riding is deflecting attention away from issues that really matter to residents.

Instead of arguing about boundaries the Lib Dems would like to see basic services improved first such as bin collections, road repairs and grass verge cutting.

The Hull Lib Dem group also believe the estimated £60,000 East Riding Council is likely to spend on a referendum and the £35,000 Hull is proposing on an independent commission could be put to better use.

Cllr Mike Ross, Deputy Leader of the Hull Lib Dem group, said: “At a time when local government needs every penny, can Hull and the East Riding really afford to be spending so much over where a line goes on a map. Sadly, because of the personalities involved the sensible option of sitting round a table and talking doesn’t appear to have happened.

“Given the strong views held on the subject, I don’t see Hull’s commission being able to put forward any argument that will sway the majority of people in the East Riding villages. I can on the other hand think of a hundred different ways that the £95,000 could be better spent in both Hull and the Haltemprice villages.”

Cllr Ross added: “In Hull, Labour councillors are currently consulting over a library closure and looking for ways to slash millions from adult social care. In recent months they have even failed to get a basic thing like cutting the grass verges right. I for one would like to see fewer arguments about boundaries and more focus on getting basic services right.”

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