Tackling Homelessness and Mental Health

Today is both World Mental Health and World Homelessness Day, giving us the opportunity to highlight the links between the two. Less than half of people in contact with adult mental health services live in stable accommodation and people who are homeless are far more likely to suffer from mental health difficulties.


Tackling homelessness is about a lot more than providing homeless shelters: it's about making sure everyone has a safe and secure place to live, where their physical and mental health needs are both met.

When people move on after a stay in a shelter, or when they find themselves in urgent need of housing, for whatever reason, we must ensure that they are not set up to fail. Wider support, for example mental health services, need to go hand-in-hand with housing support.

The Council recently reported that it is developing a vulnerable people’s housing strategy. This needs to be developed and implemented as a matter of urgency so we can start to break the cycle between homelessness and mental health difficulties in Hull.

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