Work commences on Council's Guildhall gates despite potential "£70m funding black hole"

By Admin Lib Dems, Aug 11, 2020 12:08

The Hull Liberal Democrat group can reveal that as of Thursday 13th August work will commence on the "wasteful" Guildhall gates.

Despite the pandemic and pressure pilling on the Council's finances, the Labour administration is set to press ahead regardless with expensive gates to protect the councillor car park at the Guildhall.

The Liberal Democrat group have long called to scrap this "unnecessary elitism" and give the money back to local communities who have been left behind for a decade.


Group Leader Cllr Mike Ross said: 

"When our city faces such a harsh reality over the next few months this council shamelessly ploughs ahead with gates to protect the councillor car park at the guildhall. 

"This move is the definition of wasteful and shows the unnecessary elitism that comes from an outdated Labour Council."

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