Hull Lib Dems attack government over pro-Brexit messages

Hull’s Lib Dem council group have hit out after the council have been used to spread the government’s pro-Brexit message. The government recently issued an instruction to local government to use their communication channels, despite their being no certainty about what is actually going to happen.

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The Hull Lib Dem council group don’t support the government using local government to relay messages to people to prepare for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Instead, they have said it is up to the government to do that job.  As recently as September the council supported a call to stop a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, believing it would be disastrous for the city.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Hull City Council, Cllr Mike Ross, aired his frustrations on the matter:

“Why should the council be expected to champion a ‘No Deal’ Brexit on behalf of the government? The council has rightly already condemned the idea of a ‘No deal’ Brexit. It is clear that such an outcome would have a devastating impact on Hull. It is the ultimate irony using councils to spread a pro-Brexit message when the government cannot even get Brexit sorted themselves.

“This is a council that does not support the aims of the government, aims that could lead to major problems for places like Hull and elsewhere across the north.  It is scandalous then that the council has been asked to spread the government’s message in this way.

“I am calling on Hull City Council to lead the way and no longer co-operate with the government on spreading these pro-Brexit messages. Instead, we as Liberal Democrats want to see the chaos that is Brexit brought to a stop.”

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