Lib Dem Councillor writes to three Hull MPs ahead of EU Citizen Council Motion

Lib Dem Councillor writes to three Hull MPs ahead of EU Citizen Council Motion

Liberal Democrat Councillor Mark Ieronimo has written to the three Hull MPs ahead of his Council Motion tomorrow asking them to “use their voice in Parliament” to support EU citizens who live in their constituencies.

In the letter Cllr Ieronimo says his council motion wants to reassure EU citizens and make changes to the Europeans Settlement Scheme making it “a system that is as fluid and welcoming as possible” to EU citizens who have lives in Hull for most if not in some cases all of their lives.


Commenting ahead of Thursday Cllr Ieronimo said:

“I am optimistic the motion I’ve put down to Hull City Council will pass on Thursday, but in the meantime, it would be good to have some Parliamentary pressure from local MPs.

“The three MPs here in Hull represent as least 11,000 people who are being put at an unnecessary risk by a complex system, I want to see them holding the Government to account on this issue.

“I’m proud to be moving this motion on behalf of the Lib Dems here in Hull and can only hope the Labour Council vote with us so we can get on with making sure not EU citizen feels unwelcome, saddened and cast out of our community.


The letter that Cllr Mark Ieronimo sent the three Hull MPs:


Dear Emma Hardy MP, Karl Turner MP & Diana Johnson MP,


I am writing to inform you that the Hull City Council Lib Dem Group believe that Hull should support its EU citizens (as well as EEA and Swiss citizens) as many of them have chosen to settle here in good faith and contributed over the years to this city in a great many ways.


The European Settlement Scheme in its current form is a breach of that good faith and risks another Windrush scandal.


I will be moving a motion in Hull City Council to support EU citizens and reassure them that they are welcome in Hull, but most importantly calling on Hull City Council to request that the CEO writes to the Home Secretary in order to seek some key improvements to the European Settlement Scheme to safeguard vulnerable EU Citizens resident in Hull:


  1. Providing physical proof of Settled Status that can be used to access services.
  2. Confirming that there will be no changes to the rights of settled EU citizens that they currently have by ratifying the Immigration Bill as primary legislation before the exit day.
  3. Replacing the current European Settlement Scheme with a registration scheme without a deadline where EU citizens are considered lawful by default and can request a proof of immigration status only when they are asked to demonstrate it.


I sincerely hope you can use your voice in parliament to support these proposals to make some key amendments to the European Settlement Scheme, so it is fairer and simpler and maintains the good faith of EU citizens who chose to settle here.


They are welcome and an important part of Hull and we need to ensure all of them can stay, should they wish to do so, in a very straightforward and easy way.


I look forward to your response and would appreciate clarity – will you vocally support these changes to the European Settlement Scheme in Parliament on behalf of the EU citizens living in Hull?


Kind Regards,


Cllr Mark Ieronimo on Behalf of the Hull Liberal Democrats

Pickering Ward

Hull City Council

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